Knowledge for people – targeted and secure!

We’re re-writing human medical knowledge!


And we’re doing it by presenting information that is intelligible to laymen, comprehensive and neutral so the reader only gets the information important to them! 


Looking for information about a life-threatening illness in the internet so you can be in a position to take independent decisions it is not so easy. You will often fail due to the excess supply, which is also confusingly riddled with advertising. The quality and origin of the information are not always clearly recognisable. In addition, medical information in particular is frequently very general. But what applies exactly to me?


With us you will quickly find personalised, advertising-free information, which has been researched and written by experts and checked by scientists recognised worldwide.

What is unique about enpenet texts is that they are filtered by personalisation on the basis of your age and sex.


Of course, your data security is essential here. enpenet uses your data exclusively in a closed system to provide the best possible, personalised result. To do this enpenet supports the use of encrypted communication channels so that the data required from you for this also remains your secret.


We will intelligently bring this knowledge together in a digital library and already offer:


  • More than 100 detailed essays on the most common illnesses
  • Lexicon entries on more than 50,000 medical headwords


The extent of the content is continually growing and it is regularly updated.





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