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Prof. em. Dr med. Dr. h.c. Robert F. Schmidt, Ph.D. (Medical Head of enpevita)
Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Würzburg and Honorary Professor of the University of Tübingen. Prof. Dr. Robert F. Schmidt is the head of medical knowledge at enpevita. He is exclusively active for enpevita and is responsible for preparing its medical knowledge, the quality of which he guarantees. The scientific works of Prof. Dr Robert F. Schmidt encompass over 400 original publications and numerous textbooks on physiology and its adjacent disciplines, most of which have already been published in many editions. “Human Physiology“, published by him and Prof. Florian Lang, is currently in its 30th edition. Prof. Dr Robert F. Schmidt has received numerous awards such as the Max Planck Research Prize (1991) and the German Pain Prize (1994). In 2000 he was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class.

Dr med. Andreas Gerdts. Studied Medicine in Bochum and Hanover. In 1985 licence to practice medicine and in 1986 doctorate at the Medical University of Hanover. Subsequent training as a specialist in general practice specialising in anaesthetics, surgery, internal medicine and general practice including paediatrics. Has had his own practice for 20 years in Cuxhaven and Bad Bederkesa (Cuxhaven District) specialising in precautionary and preventative medicine and in general practice. Additional qualifications: emergency medicine, further education as a senior emergency doctor, doctor for balneology and medical climatology.

Prof. Dr med. Dr. h.c. Peter Scriba (Munich), Emeritus Professor and former Director of the City Centre Medical Clinic of the LMU Munich and Medical Director of the City Centre Clinic, he is an endocrinologist. He is currently mainly involved in research into precautionary medicine and improving quality in medicine. His most important publications are the co-publication of Differential Diagnosis Internal Medicine and the "Pocket Book of Medical Clinic Diagnostics" published with Prof. Almut Pforte.

Prof. Dr med. Werner Waldhäusl (Vienna), Emeritus Professor and former Member of the Board of the University Clinic for Internal Medicine III and Head of the Clinical Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism of the Medical University of Vienna, he is an internist specializing in diabetology and metabolism. He is an honorary member of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and was the long-term editor-in-chief of the journal "Diabetologia". His scientific work strives towards a better understanding of diabetes mellitus and answering endocrine questions.

Prof. Dr Manfred Dietel, Head of the Institute of Pathology of the Charité University of Medicine Berlin, he focuses his scientific activities on the molecular examination of tumours, particularly on resistance to cancer medicines (cytostatic drugs), and genetic changes in tumours. Prof. Dietel is among others the co-publisher of the German version of what is probably the best known specialist publication on internal medicine, "Harrison".

Prof. Dr med. Stefan Endres, B. A. (Harvard), Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Clinic of the University of Munich, he is an internist, gastroenterologist, clinical pharmacologist and among others publisher of the textbook "Specialist Examination Internal Medicine". His clinical focus is on illnesses of the digestive tract; his scientific focus is on immune therapy for tumours. Prof. Endres is a Research Dean of the Medical Faculty.

Dr. med. Detlef Becker (Berlin), Chefarzt des Institutes für Labormedizin im HELIOS KLinikum Berlin-Buch. Seit September 2010 im Ruhestand. Schwerpunkte: Labordiagnostik von Tumorerkrankungen, Erkrankungen bei gestörten Hormonfunktionen und von Gerinnungsstörungen, neurologische Labordiagnostik, Labordiagnostik von Autoimmunkrankheiten und Allergien.

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