Prof. Dr. med. Werner Waldhäusl - Universitätsklinik Wien

Internal specialist focusing on diabetology and metabolism


University Clinic of Internal Medicine III - former member of the board


Clinical Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism of the Medical University of Vienna - Head


Honorary Member of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes 

Introduction to the clinic

University Clinic of Internal Medicine III of the Medical University of Vienna

The University Clinic of Internal Medicine III of the Medical University of Vienna with its three clinical departments represents the following focal points

  • ·          Endocrinology and metabolism
  • ·          Nephrology and dialysis
  • ·          Rheumatology

with 28 beds each and its own out patients' area.

In addition, the clinic has a general ward with 28 beds that cooperates closely with the specialist areas of the Univ. Clinic of Internal Medicine I-IV and assists in the general internal medicine training of students and doctors with great success.

You will find further information about the Univ. Clinic of Internal Medicine III on the Clinic's website on the following address:

Curriculum Vitae


Studied Medicine in Vienna




Mistelbach Hospital, Junior Doctor/Internal Department



1963 – 1965

Academic Assistant/Institute of General & Experimental Pathology of the University of Vienna (o.Univ.Prof.Dr.A.Lindner)



1965 – 1968

Junior Doctor/I. Medical Univ.Clinic (o.Univ.Prof.Dr.E.Deutsch), Vienna



1968 – 1970

Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism (Director: Prof. Dr. Jerome W. Conn), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Cleaning human renin. Bio-chem. Biophys. Acta 221: 536-548 (1970)




Internal medicine specialist
Head of diabetes out-patients and endocrine out-patients, I. Med. Univ. Clinic
Deputy Head of the Isotopen ward, I. Med. Univ. Clinic




Habilitation, Venia legendi of Internal Medicine
Consultant under o.Univ.Prof.Dr.E.Deutsch at the I.Med.Univ.Clinic, Vienna


Head of the Section of Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetology


Additional specialist training nuclear medicine


Award of the title university professor


Additional specialist training in clinical pharmacology


University professor of Internal Medicine


Member of the Examination Committee of Internal Medicine


Deputy Member of the Board of the I.Med.Univ.Clinic, Vienna


Member of the Board of the I.Med.Univ.Clinic, Vienna


Specialist in Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics

1992 to date

University Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Vienna/Medical University of Vienna with special consideration of endocrinology and the metabolism
Head/Clin.Dept.of.Endocrinology & Metabolism, Univ.Clinic of Internal Medicine III.
Board Member/Univ.Clinic of Internal Medicine III at the University of Vienna with Clinical Departments of Endocrinology and Metabolism; Nephrology and Dialysis; as well as Rheumatology


Additional specialist training in endocrinology & metabolism





Scientific work

Since 1965 - supporting research projects through the Austrian "Fund to support scientific research" (FWF). In addition, support from the European Union and various foundations and sponsors.


Main research focal points

  • ·          Pathophysiology of Type 2 diabetes
  • ·          Endothelial dysfunction
  • ·          Insulin therapy
  • ·          Steroid hormone secretion
  • ·          Hypertonia



Over 500 original works in peer-reviewed specialist journals (JCEM, Endocrinology, Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Diabetologia, Am.J.Physiology, BBA, FASEB, J.Clin.Invest., J.Biol.Chem., J.Cell Biology); over 50 contributions to books and reviews; has published 6 books.



Stosius Prize for Endocrinology, 1971, 1973
- "Studies on the Isolation of Human Renin“
Biochem.Biophys.Acta 221, 536 – 548 (1970)
- "Determination of Aldosterone by Sephadex LH-20 chromatography and Radioimmunoassay“
Steroids 20: 727 – 735 (1972)


Sandoz Prize for Biology, Chemistry and Medicine, 1975:
Awarded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Austrian Rectors' Conference and the Sandoz Research Institute as recognition for work previously carried out in endocrinology.


H. Eppinger Lecture, 10th Congress of the International Diabetes Federation 1979:
"Treatment of Diabetes mellitus: Pathophysiological aspects and state of the art“.


E.F.F.Copp Lecture (American Diabetes Association and the California Metabolic Research Foundation), La Jolla, Los Angeles, 1982:
"The pathophysiological background and treatment of diabetic coma“.


Claude Bernard Lecture, 22nd EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) Congress. Rome, September 1986:
”The Physiological Basis of Insulin Treatment – Clinical Aspects”. Diabetologia 29: 387-849 (1986)


Prize of the Foundation Hoechst AG/Medical Faculty, 1988 (with H. Vierhapper):
"Stimulation of gonadal steroid synthesis by chronic excess of adrenocorticotropin in patients with adrenal insufficiency“. J.Clin.Invest. 77: 1063-1070 (1986)


G.Katsch – G.Mohnike Memorial Lecture/13th Karlsburg-Symposium, Dresden, 16. – 18.10.1989


Paul Langerhans Prize of the German Diabetes Society, Leipzig, May 1998.

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